Education System

The school system in Cote d'Ivoire is based on the old french education system which consists of 6 years primary education, 4 years of junior high school and 3 years of high school. The "new" french education system consists only of 5 years of primary education, the rest being the same. There are many public and private schools specially in the capital abidjan.

Lycee Blaise Pascal Abidjan, one the most old and renowned french high school in Cote d'Ivoire

International Schools

There are French education schools in Abidjan but also with the recent influx of expats, there are a few international schools with american and british education systems. All of those schools offer many extracurricular activities. However, tuitions at those schools are very high. Hence,if you think of sending your children to international school in Abidjan, it would be a good thing to budget accordingly or negotiate an allowance for school fees in your employment package.

Lycee International Jean Mermoz

French Schools

Garderies / Ecoles Primaires

Deux Plateaux

  • Ecole Internationale Clairefontaine
  • Ecole la Pépinière des Deux Plateaux
  • Ecole Blanche Neige
  • Bilingual International School St Joseph Des Petits
  • Le Monde des Mignons
  • Groupe Fred et Poppée
  • Groupe Scolaire Les Papillons
  • Enko John Wesley International School

  • Riviera

  • Ecole Grain de Soleil
  • Bébé Câlin
  • Ecole Jacques Prévert
  • Ecole Internationale Jules Verne
  • Canadian Primary School / Académie MACI-Canada
  • Enko Riviera International School
  • L'Envol Montessori
  • International University Demonstration School (IUDS)

  • Zone 4 / Bietry

  • Les Ribambelles
  • Ecole Paul Langevin
  • Ecole 1-2-3 Soleil chez Fifi
  • Cours Sévigné
  • Les Ateliers Pomme d'Api
  • Youpiland La Petite Académie

  • Junior High / High Schools

  • Lycee Blaise Pascal
  • Lycee International Jean Mermoz
  • Groupe Fred et Poppée
  • Enko John Wesley International School
  • Enko Riviera International School
  • English Schools

  • International Community Schools of Abidjan
  • Morning Glory International Schools
  • International University Demonstration School (IUDS)

  • Standards of education at international schools are usually excellent.

    Private and Confessional Schools

    There are a few good private schools in Abidjan with relatively affordable tuition specially for locals. You will find decent size classrooms with a good ratio between teachers and students. Most of the confessional schools in Cote d'Ivoire are the elite schools having trained some of the big shot people in the country. However, there are open to everybody regardless of their religions and beliefs.

    Public Schools

    There are some very good public schools in Abidjan with very good teachers but due to lack of sufficient funding typical to less developed countries, education is not top-notch over there yet. The government has made many improvements but there is still a lot that need to be done.

    Also, expats usually do not aim for local schools as it can be disruptive for their children having started in a different school system.