Money, Banking & Taxes

Downtown Abidjan - Plateau

Employers are required to deduct taxes on salaries. The maximum work period is 40 hours a week. By law, all employers carry worker's compensation insurance.


Every person living on the territory must pay taxes. That is every person regularly living on the country or owning a residence. Those taxes are called "impot sur le revenu".


Opening an account would usually require filling a form an ID and a certificate of residence. This is slightly different depending on the bank but it is a pretty easy and quick process.

Credit cards are accepted in hotels, restaurants and some stores. Travellers' cheques in USD or euros and bank cards are accepted only in large banks in Abidjan. Credit and bank card fraud is frequent in Côte d’Ivoire.

Most of the big institutions are represented: MasterCard, Visa. Do not carry too much cash with you, always remember to just get only what you need from the ATM.