Getting Around

Cote d'Ivoire has a very good road systems compared to other countries in the region. Moving around Abidjan is fairly easy. In the city, most roads are paved even though in some places the asphalt is so old that it is gone.

However, you need to watch out with traffic that can be real bad. Fortunately, with the end of the 3rd bridge and the opening of new roads, this should be alleviated. Compared to other cities, driving around Abidjan is fairly alright.

Also, driving in Abidjan can be a pain for newcomers since drivers are very unrespectful of laws. Always be extra cautious and on the look out for the unexpected specially when you drive around Gbakas and Woro-Woro..


Taxi in Abidjan

Taximeters, usually they would turn the meter on. They cover the whole city and greater area. You can take a taxicab from any place in Abidjan to another. You would recognize them by their orange color.

Online Transportation Services

Make your reservation online

You can get transportation services more suited to your needs by downloading their application on their website.

  • TaxiJet
  • Drive
  • AfriCab
  • Gbakas

    Gbaka in the streets of Abidjan Those are minivans that are mostly used in populous suburban neighborhoods to rally the big neighborhood of Adjame. They are very cheap but you need to be very careful with those since their driving can be very uncautious.


    SOTRA Autobus

    State owned transportation company. The company is called SOTRA and operates through regular sized bus through fixed itineraries in the whole city and greater abidjan. It is cheap as it is subsidized by the government but not very reliable.

    Woros Woros


    Those are intercities cab usually used to rally two neighborhoods through a fixed road. They are more affordable than taxicabs and are more convenient than busses or gbakas. This is the transportation of choice for many locals.

    Rent a Car

    Renting a Car is a fairly easy process. Most rental companies would give you two options. Renting with a driver or renting the car by yourself. In average, for a compact car, it would be between 30,000 and 40,000 XOF / Day ($60 - $80). Below is a list of rental companies:

  • EuropCar
  • Avis
  • RoadStar
  • Izicab
  • Abidjan City