Cost of Living

West African CFA Franc Banknote (XOF)

Life in Abidjan is pretty expensive although compared to expats salary packages it is well affordable. Keep in mind that many things are imported thus a high price. The country has none to almost zero manufacturing industry so everything is imported.

Housing prices are relatively high specially due to the lack of housing and the recent influx of expats. Areas like Zone 4, Bietry, Marcory are amongst the most expensive since they are the expats' favorite areas in the south. Also in the north of Abidjan, you have neighborhoods like Cocody, 2 Plateaux, Riviera that are expensive and secure. At all times, you need to keep safety on your mind, this is why you will need also security guards.

The local currency is the CFA Franc (XOF) and the exchange rate is 1 EUR = 655 XOF and 1 USD = 535 XOF (as of March 2018).

Abidjan is fairly average compared to other places. The inflation rate was recorded at 0.9% as of February 2016. Renting a five room house in a decent neighborhood would cost around 1,000,000 XOF. It can be a little bit cheaper than that depending on how long before you accomodate. To be truthful, the real estate is not very well organized so it is always good to plan long before you arrive.

Once again, it is good practice to plan for all that in your contract if you are employed as an expat.

Monthly rates go all the way from 300,000 XOF for a decent 2 bedroom apartment to 1 million XOF and more for more bedrooms and bigger houses. It mostly depends on the area.

In the Zone Quatre area, a decent studio or one bedroom starts at 500,000 XOF. In the Deux Plateaux area, a studio goes all the way from 250,000 XOF to 450,000 XOF and more for a 2 bedroom.


A lunchtime menu in Downtown Plateau costs around $10 average.

Provisions for one month at the supermarket would be around $150 (average) for one person.

One kilogram of beef meat costs around $5 while a chicken costs around $6 and a pack of 24 eggs is $5. One liter of cooking oil costs around $2.

A bread loaf is around $0.30 . There are decent local bakeries and french european style bakeries across town

A one course meal at a decent restaurant would be around $15-$20.

Of course a meal at a local restaurant would cost much less; with $10 you can have a decent meal.

A normal outing would cost at least £40 for 2 people. Of course for a drinker and depending on the number and type of drinks it can go up.

A beer in a neighborhood pub or Maquis would cost around $2.



A two month bill for a small size house would be around 100-120$ for an average use.

Electricity is provided by CIE (Compagnie Ivoirienne d'Electricité). It is billed every two months.


A three month bill would be around $50.

Water is provided by SODECI (Société des Eaux de Côte d'Ivoire) and is billed every three months.

Internet / Phone

The price of Internet 3MB for one month is $60.

We have different companies.


Monthly rent for a one bedroom apartment would go all the way from 250,000 in the most demanded areas of Zone 4, Bietry and Deux plateaux all the way up depending on the neighborhood.

For more info on the different neighborhoods and vicinities click here.


1 liter (1/4 Gallon) of Gas is currently 680F CFA roughly around $1.16 US/Liter.

A taxi trip would cost around 3,000 F CFA for 10 kilometers (6 miles).

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